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Output Learning

The Output Learning system aims at preparing students with the examinations so that students acquire the necessary skills and strategies to excel in their exams. At the same time, the system provide the monitoring system for the parents so that parents can track all the activities undertaken by the students. The system is proven very effective with thousands and thousands having achieved excellent results in their examinations.

The output learning consists of the following features:

  1. i-Topic
  2. i-Assessment
  3. i-Trial Exam
  4. i-Past Year
  5. i-Progress
  6. i-Report Card



i-Topic consists of objective questions specially developed for a particular topic. It aims at assessing students’ understanding and comprehension towards the learning materials related to that topics. At the same time, i-Topic also serve to enhance and strengthen students’ understanding of the concepts within the topics via the feedback and automatic scores generated by the system as soon as the student submitted their answers. The number of questions for a topics made available within the system is comprehensive and highly sufficient for a particular topic.

Contains selected questions for each topics. Same as in school syllabus


i-Assessment consists of selected questions developed specifically for a particular chapter. The aims to assess students’ understanding of the learning materials for the entire chapters and prepared themselves sufficiently for the monthly test, mid or end of the semester examinations or end of the year examinations. There are several set of questions. For each attempt on the set, student will be posed with a different set questions. The uniqueness of the i-Assessment is that it consists set of questions with increasing level of difficulties. Student can only progressed to the next level once they achieved 80% mark and above. In other word, students must repeat the i-Assessment activities at the same level of mastery but with different set of questions until they acquired the level of mastery set forth by that particular level. In this way, students are assessed accurately depending on their level of mastery.

Instant score after done answering questions. Details information will be displayed such as score, time taken and wrong answered questions


i-Past Year consists of the actual UPSR, PMR and SPM examination questions from year 2002-2013. These questions are updated within the system as soon as the national examinations ended. The purpose of i-Past Year is create the actual examination environment to the students. There is a build-in timer for each session to mimic the actual examination setting. Students are not able to answer the questions anymore when the time allocated to answer the questions ended. In this way, students can feel the actual examination situation and take cues in terms of the time taken to answer the questions as well as the strategies involved in maximizing the examination performances

Actual past exam questions with Countdown Timer(Train students to answer in provided time)


i-Trial Examination provides various set of examination model questions that mimic the actual UPSR, PMR and SPM examinations. The format and quality of the questions are almost similar to that of the actual examinations. When undertaking the trial examination questions, students can evaluate their performances and hence predict their actual performances in the examinations. The scores given to the students by the system provides an indication of the skills acquired by student in preparing for the examinations. Repeated usage of the system will enhance students’ self-confidence in the examination and ensure the students achieve excellent in the examinations.

Preparing questions for actual examination also comes with Countdown Timer


i-Progress is a monitoring system for parents. Parents can monitor the progress of their students in a specific time frame. After log-in, parents have the provision to track the student progress via the scores the students achieved when undertaking all the activities within the output learning system. These includes the score in i-Topic, i-Assessment, i-Past year and i-Trial Exam In this way, parents are provided with the evolution of students progress as the learning progresses. Parents can also undertake appropriate intervention to enhance students participation in the system and to improve their performances.

Parents can get the details results of their child progress in i-learning. They will know their child weaknesses


i-Report card is a reporting system for the parents. The objective is for the parents to have all the information about the activities undertaken by the students within the system. The information made available are the type of activities, scores and time taken to complete the activities. In this way, parents can monitor the level of students participation as well as their performances across specific time frame. Appropriate interventions can be undertaken by parents to enhance students’ performances when necessary.

Latest detailed report card are able to access by both Student and Parent anytime 24 hours a day.

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